About Us

We are ‘AfroYan Radio’, an Online streaming radio station in it’s 4th year. AfroYan Online Community Radio broadcasts to all 52 African Countries and beyond the Borders of Africa in consideration of Africans in Diaspora. These includes, United Kingdom Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, USA and everywhere there is African online listener-ship.


AfroYan Radio delivers up to 95% African Musical Content and Programming. We play ‘The Best of African Music, Reggae, Ethnic Sounds & More.

Our Musical Content varies from the Evergreens of 60s’ 70’s 80s’ ,90s’ up   2000’s updated Library of  indigenous African Folk-lore Music, Soul Music, West African Jazz & Highlife, South African Kwaito to new Generation Gqom. Congolese Soukous, Sungura and Chimurenga sounds from Zimbabwe, Nigerian Afro Pop, Gospel, Islamic and various African Religions Sounds, House Music, Evergreen Music etc.

We keep the Radio Tradition of Scheduled Shows, available for Live Listening if you are able to Listen on the Go or Catch Up with various Afrocentric interesting podcasts on the AfroYan Radio Website.


We are concerned mostly about African Unity Our every effort is toward fostering Peace and Unity in Africa through positive thought provoking Music to African Awareness with shows like

’ What will Tomorrow Bring ? ’’

‘’ 54 FLAGS ‘’

AfroYan Radio gives the Best of African Talks and Afro Beats from Fela Kuti To today’s  various Afro Sounds. Our Radio Shows are designed for your listening pleasure as we are dedicated to your satisfaction with More Music Less Talk. We love our listeners to get in touch with feedbacks , requests, of favourite African Music to be played , or send shout outs to loved ones in different African Languages.

Our Pool of Pan –African Presenters attends to every ethnical conversations, societal civic orientations and our reach out to make Africa one Big Community where Africans won’t be foreigners in Africa, Immigration Education and sensitizing. We aim  to promote and reveal more about  Pan-African Tourism, African Remedies and Herbal Product for wellness , African Men& Women Fashion with our Audience. Also Celebrating Indigenous Pan-African Products or just want to tell us what you’re up to. Then Tweet, send us a Facebook Message, Instagram us or Email us using the icons below and you’ll be Live with us in the studio.

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